The Glass Mine




     The Glass Mine is located south of St George, Utah. To get to the mine it helps to have the coordinates and a good map. Any high clearance vehicle can get to the mine in dry weather. Here is a set of coordinates and directions from I-15 the St George Blvd. exit is the starting area.

1) N37˚ 06.585' W113˚ 33.283'
#1 Get off the I 15 at St George Blvd and take River Road south (right turn off St George Blvd.).

2) N37˚ 05.137' W113˚ 33.363'
#2 Go left on Stake Farm Rd (maybe listed as 1450 S)

3) N37˚ 05.047' W113˚ 31.348'
#3 Go right on the sharp curve
4) N37˚ 04.890' W113˚ 31.311'
#4 Go left on E 1580 S Rd.

5) N37˚ 04.898' W113˚ 29.699'
#5 Go right on 4300 E Rd

6) N37˚ 04.406' W113˚ 29.654'
#6 Go left at the "Y" onto 2000 S Rd

7) N37˚ 04.040' W113˚ 29.657'
#7 Go left on 4700 E Rd

8) N37˚ 03.477' W113˚ 29.152'
#8 Go south staying on 4700 E Rd

9) N37˚ 01.817' W113˚ 28.595'
#9 Go left at the "Y" - The "Y" is now closed off. Stay on this road until you get to #10.

10) N37˚ 00.136' W113˚ 28.037'
#10 Go right onto a "T" road

11) N36˚ 59.534' W113˚ 28.229'
#11 Go left at the "Y" on to the Sunshine trail Rd

12) N36˚ 58.724' W113˚ 27.821'
#12 Park at the Glass Mine

      This mine is a Gypsum mine and was first used by the pioneers (so I am told) to mine the gypsum for window glass since it is so clear. The sample in the picture is almost an inch thick and yet you can easily read the cover of the magazine.


        Enjoy the area.





More pictures (It will take about 3 minutes @ 56kbps to download.)


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