Petrified Wood

(collecting area)



N 36° 41.604' W 111° 53.291'

This site is located along Highway 89 west of Marble Canyon, AZ. Any vehicle can access the area. At mile mark 556.3 there is a green road sign that reads "Elevation 5000". The turn is right behind (on the west side) this sign. The coordinates for the turnoff are N36° 41.494' W111° 53.372'. Turn North here. It is a dim, 2 track drive that goes over to the gate in the fence. When you go through the gate be sure to leave it as you found it. If it was open then leave it open. If it was closed, be sure to close it behind you. This is BLM land open to the public.

After going through the gate proceed about 400 feet straight ahead. From here just start walking in the light colored dirt. The petrified wood is hard to miss. With a little searching you can find a petrified log that was burnt (prior to being petrified), wood with crystals in it, and some chocolate colored wood that has a 'cat's-eye' effect when tilted in the sunlight. We even found what appears to be small petrified pine cones.

You are allowed to collect some petrified wood for personal use only. There is a limit as to how much wood each person can collect. It is 25 pounds plus 1 piece, per day, per person, not to exceed 250 pounds in 1 year. This means you can collect 25 pounds of small samples then collect 1 heavy piece not exceeding 250 pounds total.

A side bonus to this area is the old car body (I think it is a Hudson?). It is located in a small ravine near the right-of-way fence. The coordinates are N 36° 41.493' W111° 53.153'.

Enjoy the area.

wood collecting

wood collecting





Look at that piece over there!


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