Our Caches


Here is a list of Geocaches we have hidden.

    If you are not familiar with the game of Geocaching, it is simply a hide and seek game. People hide a container with a logbook and some other trinkets and then post the coordinates on the Geocaching web site. Other folks then go and find where it is hidden and trade an item or two and sign the logbook. They then replace it in as close to the same condition as when they found it. Please check the web site for the rules of the game.              www.geocaching.com       



This link is to Panoramio where we have posted the pictures that are used to log locationless caches on TC.com. There are 36 pages of pictures and the number is still growing. You can see how we like to spend our time and the variety of pictures that we have taken to log these caches. Feel free to download and use any of these pictures as desktop wallpaper.

Panoramio pictures


Click here for jig-saw puzzles

They are downloads that you save to your computer to do at your convenience.

Puzzles for TC.Com

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 3



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